Garden City, Kansas

Elsa's First Home in America - 1964

August, 2010


The Sunrise Shift Begins

Baby Bear Banff and Douglas, the Prairie Dog, Share the Adventure

An Hour to Go, if Elsa is Driving
An Hour and a Half, if Peter is Driving

We Have Arrived

925 Ninth Street, as it is Now

Elsa's First Winter in Granny's Home

Elsa's Arrival at the Garden City Airport, July 7th,1964
Greeted by Lutheran Minister, Wife and Six Children
Becoming Slave Labor for $25 per Month
Taking Care of House, Children and Hoping to Learn English
After Three Months, no English, lost 12 Pounds
And Granny Took Her Away

Elsa Starts a New Life
With Great Aunt "Granny" and her Husband

Little House on the Prairie
Two Bedrooms, Two Baths, 1000 Sq. Feet
Now For Sale $67,000

Ninth Street

Heading West on Kansas Avenue

Turn Left on Main Street

Main Street
The Tall Building on the Right is the Windsor Hotel

Truman Capote wrote "In Cold Blood" here, Before it Closed

Civic Pride Still Exists

Where the Woolworth Store Used to Be
Granny Bought My Clothes Here
A Skirt Cost $3.65 in 1964

A Pleasant Walk, even on a 100 Degree Day
With Piped-in Music on All Six Blocks

Where the Ben Franklin Store Used to Be
Traces of the Old Name Still Appear

The Continental Inn
Elsa Worked as a Waitress in the Chinese Restaurant

No Trespassing, except for Elsa

Farmhouse from Truman Capote's "In Cold Blood" Murders

Current Home Owner