Visit with Rik and Dave

Seattle, August, 2010


Welcome Dinner with Elsa, Brother Dave and Patty

Will, Madeleine and Brother Rick

Seattle Salmon Dinner


Puget Sound Beach House Breakfast




View from Rear Deck, Mt. Ranier hiding in the Clouds

Family Walk on the Beach

Clam getting ready for Dinner

Honored Guests


Beach House, from the Beach



Patty, Dave, Jason, Raymond and Girlfriends

Getting the Ski Boat Ready







Madeleine, preparing to challenge King Neptune

Raymond's Girlfriend, first time Water Skiing



Last Skiier, Madeleine


All Ashore That's Going Ashore

Rick's Floatplane, on Wheels



Renton Field

Seattle in the Distance

Rick's House and our Vacation Village

House almost 6000 Sq Feet on 2 1/2 Acres


House from the Back Yard

Rozzie and Snowball, enjoying the Spa

Gulash and Spaetzle Dinner for 12, Coming Right Up

Chef Elsita


Whole Family Double Birthday Dinner for Madeleine and Patty





Yum, Cake !!

Farewell... Canada Bound
Dave, left, Peter and Elsita, center, and Rick, right