Adventures in Dubai

Hazy Skies
Fried to the Ground in 120 degree Heat

  Two Days is Plenty

September, 2012


Surrounded by garden-spots like Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan,
Dubai sounded like a good place to visit before it is obliterated


We arrived at our hotel at 6:00 AM


By 9:00 AM we were on the hop-on, hop-off "Big Bus" city route,
beginning a drive through the city center


Dubai Creek runs through the middle of the city


We hopped off at the Spice Market to see the Dubai City of Gold


They had plenty of gold



and spices...


and silk


Practicing to be a sheik


Ahead on the left, along the Dubai Creek, boats load from the street


To deliver refigerators...


... tires and washing machines to India





Dubai makes 250 million gallons of fresh water per day from salty ocean water.


Construction along the beach


In the hazy distance, the Burj Khalifa, at 828 meters, the world's tallest building
It was going to be the Burj Dubai until the global financial crisis of 2007-2012 hit,
requiring financial help from UAE President, Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan


Our destination, on the left, the Burj Al Arab
You can stay here for $800 per night during the low season through September
The rate jumps to $1500 in October


Built to resemble a ship's sail


The Accidental Tourists


One of many luxury cars in the parking area


Arriving for Sky-Tea on the 27th floor


The Grand Entrance Fountain


Looking straight up


We celebrate our 10th Anniversary... a bit early (April 5th, 2013)


The Lovely Bride
The rose and cake were a gift from the restaurant


Happy Anniversary


View from the top floor


Touring the resort grounds


Back at our humble abode, the Crown Plaza, Festival City,
looking down from our room toward the connected Hotel Intercontinental


The next day, On the Road, Again... taking the "Big Bus" beach route


Abu Dhabi is a four-hour drive


A Dubai Metro Station


Heading south, near the beach


Everything is new


Air-conditioned bus-stop


Space view of Palm Jumeirah, an artificial archipelago.
The first and smallest of three "Palm Islands" on the Jumeirah coast


On the road to "Atlantis, The Palm"
driving on the "trunk" of the Palm Jumeira tree


In the distance, "Atlantis, the Palm" Hotel and Resort,
patterned after "Atlantis, Paradise Island" in Nassau, Bahamas,
is located on the outer crescent ring of the island


A water park with a 3-million gallon aquarium is what one should do
with expensive, reclaimed water in the middle of a desert.


Waterfront homes on one of the "fronds" of Palm Island.
Just like California except no boats and 120 degree heat


Keeping your car in the shade is essential


Mall of the Emirates
Where Shopping is Just the Beginning
Unlimited Style from over 520 stores
International Cuisine from over 80 cafes and restaurants
Shop and Win 2000 AED every hour on the hour for 24 hours
Double Your Winnings Between Midnight and 6:00 AM
Two attached 5-Star Hotels, so you never need to leave


Let's start with the indoor ski slope...



Who needs an ATM when you can have a real bank?


Construction is unending



The architecture is imaginative


The base of the Burj Khalifa


Too tall for my modest camera to get the whole thing in one shot


Leaving the city on the way to our excellent
Dune Drive and Camel Riding Adventure


The trackless desert...


Wait a minute... are we in California here ?


No, it really is Dubai.




Just when you hope to arrive,
you peek over the next dune and you find
you are not quite there yet


Finally, back on the road...


What to my wondering eyes should appear
but a miniature sleigh and five giant camels ??


Ready for our 30-second camel ride.


Defied death, one more time...


Let the feast begin...


The bar is open
Would you like water or juice?


A whirling dervish


A round of belly-disco brings the evening to a close


Departing Dubai, Emirates' hub


Passing over the North Pole...


Mount Rainer, Seattle


Half Dome, Yosemite National Park


the 405 Freeway...


and we're home... Los Angeles International Airport


Our son, Sparky, has been patiently waiting