Elsa's New York Vacation 2016

With her Sister, Maggie, from Stuttgart

Day 1 - June 17th
A Full Day of Travel




Maggie departing Stuttgart for Atlanta on the Delta direct flight


On the Delta direct flight


Departing Stuttgart at 10:30 AM


Stuttgart to Atlanta is a 9 hour flight, where Maggie and Elsa will meet


Arriving Atlanta just before several stong thunderstorms


The rain started as Maggie left the plane


Radar shows the storm approaching Atlanta as Maggie's plane lands, 40 minutes early


Elsa's plane, approaching Atlanta from California a few minutes later, was forced to
hold, then divert to Huntsville, Alabama, where it remained on the ground for three hours


Elsa's diverted flight made it to Altanta just in time for her to run to catch the plane Maggie was boarding, going to New York.
The skies have cleared and the flight to New York departed 30 minutes late from Atlanta


This calls for a Rum and Coke... or maybe two...



Delta zigged and zagged to arrive at the airport with proper spacing from the previous flight


New York City is just around the corner


Skyline, New York City at 8:30 PM


Finally in New York, the wait for Elsa's baggage from the delayed flight begins


It's becoming clear Elsa's suitcase didn't make it. Talking to Peter, at home in California


Yes, your suitcase will be delivered to your hotel tomorrow


In a taxi to Manhattan... after a long day


There's no place like this place anywhere near this place, so this must be the place


Finally, the Crowne Plaza Hotel, next to Hershey's at 11:00 PM


We made it... Times Square, New York City !!

The End of a Very Long Day.