Elsa's New York Vacation 2016

With her sister Maggie from Stuttgart

Day Six

Wednesday, June 22nd




Another breakfast with the singing waiters at the Stardust





Famous New York cheesecake


On the way to Rockefeller Center


Rockefeller Center


The Cafe isn't open yet


They modeled their Cactus Garden after ours


Lining up for lunch at the World's Best Deli


You can't eat here if you are not Famous


Their famous Pastrami is big enough for two


Beef is another choice


On the subway again...


Back in our room...


For a short rest




Famous Gallagher's Steak House


The first thing you see at the entrance is your selection of steaks



Popular with business people


Food coming out of the kitchen


A toast to a busy day


Delicious New York Steak topped with mushrooms



We Broke the Bank



Walking back to the hotel


Back at the Crowne Plaza for our last night