July, 2011


Arrival at Bluehende Barock Music Festival, 5km from Home

Castle grounds, Fireworks will be from the top of the Hill

Setting up Candles, Band is in the Black Tent

Only 5 hours until the Fireworks start

We found Charly and Brigitte, our new English-speaking friends, in the crowd of 13,000.

The Fireworks Started at 10:30 PM, ran for 30 Minutes

Inselfest, Oberriexingen, July 3rd, a Fest on an Island in the Enz River

Step Right this Way, Folks

Music and Food Tent

Average Age of Musicians, 10. Average Age of Audience, 100.

Essen und Getranke NUR gegen Coupon.
Buy Coupons, then turn them in for Food

Halbes Haenchen or Half Chicken

Old German Facework, Going Extinct due to Costs

Feuerwehr or Fire Worker

Visit to Schloss Monrepos, 3 km from Home

Peter proposed on one of these Paddle-Boats Nine Years ago

Enjoying Ice Cream in front of Kaiser Wilhelm's Summer Castle

Finally, a Day Off

Sunny Day

The Butt Crack Family, feeding the Ducks