The Work is Finally Over


Dinner on our Second Floor Patio

The Evening Meal is very Light
Brot, Wurst, Kaese

Solving the Greek Financial Crisis at SudWest Bank

Five-Star Restaurant Otterbach Specializes in Venison

Our Neighbors, Silvia and Joachim, at Restaurant Antica Roma
Silvia is the Ham Radio operator, with call sign DL5SCC

French Concorde SST at the Entrance to the Sinsheim Aircraft Museum
A One-Hour Drive from Home

Russian Tupolev TU-144 Supersonic Transport

Elsa, Charly and Brigitte at the Sinsheim Aircraft Museum

The Bobsy Twins at Ginny's New Chinese Restaurant

Maggie and Elsa

At a Besenwirtschaft (Fest at a Farmer's Home)

Regina, Serving Food and Drinks at the Besen

Sampling Apple Schnapps at a Farmer's Open House