Scandinavian Tour

Part One

Germany and Denmark


On the German Autobahn, heading North
Elsa's first speeding ticket only two hours away.


Driving to Upper Deck of Deutsche Bahn AutoZug (Car-Train)


This Train will take us on a 45 minute ride to the Island of Sylt on the North Sea


Is Sylt really an Island if a Train can take you there?


Cold and Windy with Rain, Perfect for a Summer Day on the Beach packed with German Tourists


No Shortage of Beach Cabanas Today


They are Especially Nice if You Have a Warm Jacket


Others didn't seem to Notice the Cold


Thatched Roof Home


More Thatched Roof Homes


At the North End of the Island


Have You Seen My Sweater?


Off the Island, Off the Train, Entering Denmark


Danish Countryside


Copenhagen Centrum


Copenhagen Centrum


Copenhagen Train Station Bike Rack


The Little Mermaid in the Copenhagen Harbor


Happy Hour in our Budget Hotel


The Bridge from Copenhagen, Denmark to Malmö, Sweden