Scandinavian Tour

Part Two



Near Malmö, southern Sweden, heading North near the Coast


Swedish Meatballs for Lunch in the Farmer's Market, Göteborg
No, the Chefs are not Swedish, they are Turkish


The Harbor at Strömstad


Other Cars are loaded, while we wait in the Standby Line


Ten Standbys made it on the Ferry. We were Number Five.
The Accidental Tourists Win Again !!


Packed like Sardines for the 2 1/2 hour trip to Sandefjord, Norway


Passengers are not allowed to remain in their cars.
Conditions are pleasant on the Ferrys


First View of Norway, southwest of Oslo


Unloading at Sandefjord, Norway


The Next Day, off to Kristiansand


Fresh Fish for Lunch in Arendal


Dinner in Kristiansand at the southern tip of Norway


After an hour of searching, our Shangri-la in Kristiansand


We arrived in Stavanger in time for a Food Fest for lunch


This Rehndyr is going to be cold next winter without his Coat


On the Lysefjord Sight-seeing Boat Trip


Steep Cliffs drop into the Water


Priekestolen (known as the Pulpit), a Flat-top Rock 640m (2000 feet) above us
A very popular 4-hour hike, from the back side


There is no Shortage of Water in Norway


On to Bergen, a four-hour drive requiring two Ferry trips


Weather Report on the Ferry
For "Now" and "In the Morning"


This is considered Excellent weather near Bergen in Norway


This is considered Very Good weather in Bergen


These shops are in buildings several hundred years old


The Sun finally came out at Sunset


Crossing Norway from the West Coast at Bergen heading for Oslo


On the Road to Oslo


On the road to Oslo


Entering the Laerdals Tunnel - 24.5 Km Long - Almost 15 Miles


In the Tunnel - 10 Km behind - 15 Km to go


One of several Brightly lit Caverns in the Tunnel


At the end of the Tunnel


Road conditions weren't suitable for the 60 Km/Hr Speed Limit


Oslo Domkirke, Center of Oslo
Our hotel is on the same street, one block back
The Bomb was detonated to the left of the Yellow Building


Building Destroyed by the Bomb
Streets were closed, Hotels were closed and Guests moved


Flowers at the Domkirke for the Victims of the Bombing and Killings
Two Days after the Attack


With Hotels overflowing, we found a room on the 6th Floor
Breakfast delivered to the Room
The Elevator was Broken, waiting for Parts