Scandinavian Tour

Part Three



Leaving Oslo, heading to Stockholm


Entering Sweden


Better Roads than Norway


Center of Stockholm (Riddarholmen Island), cica 1620


Stockholm Centrum, 130 years later, in 1750


The Riddarholmskyrkan (Riddarholmen Church), shown in the models.
Built in 1290, it is the oldest preserved building in the City
and the only surviving Medieval Monastery Church.
The neo-Gothic cast-iron Spire was installed after a fire in 1835.


Tourists, Praying in the Church Yard
Elsa, trying for a Direct Connection


Stockholm City Center across the Bay, to the right


Meandering in Gamla Stan


Stockholm is built on many Islands


Changing of the Guard, Presidential Palace


Looking for a Lunch Spot


Found it !!


Phone Booth


On the way to the Vasa Museum


The Bow of the Good Ship "Vasa"
It sank in the Harbor on it's Maiden Voyage 333 Years Ago


Scale Model, 1/10th Size
The Vasa was 69 meters (about 200 feet) long


Several Vessels were involved in the Recovery


The sinking was blamed on faulty design
120 Tons of Ballast Stones were not sufficient


Back to the City Center


Waiting for the Ferry to Finland
Sleeping in the Car, under a Bridge
Like Living in a Van, down by the River


We found a Better Place to Wait
A Bar in a Boat on a Ship


Our Ferry Arrives - the Viking Line "Amorella"
The 11 hour trip leaves Stockholm at 8:00 PM and arrives in Turku, Finland at 7:00 AM


Bunk Beds with Bath and Shower


Good-Bye to Sweden