Scandinavian Tour

Part Five

Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania


Flower market, outside Old Town, Tallinn, Estonia


Old Town, Tallinn, Estonia


Making Candy


Another New Friend from Estonia


Sampling Berry Schnapps


King of all Gargoyles


This is the "B" Train
The "A" Train was already Taken.


Section of City Wall


Street Worker
We Contributed to Her Retirement Program


Old Town, Tallinn, Estonia


The modern side of Tallinn


Finland is only 80 Km (50 miles) away by ship


Latvija or Latvia, Your Choice


Border Control Stations have all closed as part of the Shengen Agreement


Our Hotel (with a glass facade) across from a City Park, Riga, Latvia


Up to Date, in the Heart of an old City


Lunch in the Park with a few of our New Friends


Rose Garden, Riga


Flowers are Popular Everywhere


On a Hop-On, Hop-Off Tour Bus


National Library, Under Construction


It's going to be Huge


A Reminder of the Past


And a Taste of The Future...
The Real Housewives of Riga, Latvia


A Street Car named Jugla


Latvian National Theater


The Zeppelin Hangars in the background now house a Farmer's Market


Meat Market in Former Hangar


Honey Bees, Looking for a Home
Have found a hole in the Plastic


Uber Blick


An early Morning Departure


Welcome to Lithuania - Lietuvos Respublika


Good Roads and No Traffic


Vilnius, Capital of Lithuania


Approaching Vilnius


The View from our Room on the 19th Floor


Summer Homes of the Rich and Famous
That's their Story and They're Sticking to It


Mass Ends at the Church of Saints Peter and Paul
Lithuanian Gothic, built during 1668 - 1674  

Baptism in Progress


Patron Saint of my Dentist


Early to Bed, Early to Rise
Really Gets to You after a While


The Church of Saint Anne
Late Gothic architecture, Construction lasted almost 100 years
and was completed in 1581. Bricks of 33 shapes were used.


Cathedral Square


Cathedral Square


Out, Out, Damned Spot !!


The Green Bridge
The First Bridge at this Point was constructed in 1536
It is decorated with Four Socialist Realist Sculptures


Tree Resin Trapped Insects 50 Million Years Ago


Leaving Vilnius


Lithuanian Country Southwest of Vilnius


Heading Home through Poland


Speed Limit on the German AutoBahn is 130 Km/Hr


The Sign Must Be Wrong
We Are Clearly Going over 130