Elsa Visits Germany

July, 2012

to Throw an 88th Birthday Party for her Mom


Leaving LAX


Surprising Mom in Senior Home


Morning Activity Project


First Lunch out at Butcher Dietz


Ice Cream with Maggie


Center, Stadt Bietigheim




Lunch at Chinese Restaurant, Invited by Frau Bollinger





View from Michaelsberg, where Mom worked the
Vineyards after arriving from Poland at age 15




View from Maggie's Window


Relaxing at Maggie's House, with a Delicious Sow's Ear


Turkish Dinner with the new Owners of our Old House
Now totally Remodeled




Maggie's Dance School Girlfriends
They meet every Wednesday Night



Dance Instructor


Maggie with Johny Walker (That's his real name)


On the Train to Stuttgart, 20 Minutes


Lunch with Investment Expert, Herr Mugele
at Cube Restaurant, top floor
Center of Stuttgart


Herr Sautter, our Bietigheim Banker










Outside Cube Restaurant, Kaiser Wilhelm's Platz


Ice Cream with friend, Ulrike



Same as Last Year


Ginger Bread for Peter


Fest in Bietigheim



Jazz Band in Front of Rathouse (Courthouse)


Police to Check Your Papers


Busted - Had No Papers to Walk this Street



Mercedes Benz "Smart" in front of Maggie's home


Lunch at Senior Home


Ice Cream with former Neighbors
Ham Operator, Silvia and Husband, Joachim


Mom's 88th Birthday in her Room


Pajamas from America


Visit with long-time Friend in his Room


The Big Celebration Begins
Surprise Party with 15 Guests
At the Chinese Restaurant where Mom and Pop ate every Day


Champagne Toast


An Emotional Surprise Moment






Heidi Loibl, Beitgheim's famous Hit Singer



Helene, Mom's Friend for almost 50 Years


Brigitte and Charley (Peter's English speaking Friends)


Grandson Alex, Maggie's 35 Year-old)

















The Restaurant Owner and the Check



After Four Hours, Back at Home


Visit to Tante Hedi


Rose, Daughter-in-Law


Son, Gunter, at their Home


Italian Lunch in Old Town



Visit to Karin, Maggie's Friend
Getting My Fortune Told


Chef Maggie prepared Strudles to go with Gulash


Charley and Brigitte, Lucky Guests


Coffee and Cake at the home of Heidi and Eddie Loibl


Sinfonie in the Kinderwagen


Mom's Jacket and Scarf, present from Heidi


Sinfonie Posing


Angel Collection


Guests at Chinese, treat of former Neighbor, Herr Eckel


Dancing Friday Night at Sonnenhof
Maggie's Hangout



Evi - Maggie's Friend




Andrea Berg's Sidekicks
Top Stars in Germany




Lunch at Schnitzelfabrik - Wiener Schnitzel
Holding Only Half of One


Fest in my Birthtown, Bönnigheim







Delicious Knachwurst and Potatosalat





Front of Senior Home




Lunch at Old Friend, Ginny's Chinese Place



The Bobbsy Twins




Dinner at Mexican Restaurant with Nephew, Alex


Stuttgart Airport - Farewell !!


Finally, New York City after 17 Hours