A 90th Birthday Party for Elsa's Mom

Gibraltar and Morocco for a Week

July and August, 2014


Departing Los Angeles at a civilized hour, 7:00 PM


Settling in for 11 hours in the air


Maggie's Welcome Dinner


After Dinner, Maggie left for Germany's Soccer Win Over Argentina


Surprise !! Elsa is here !!


It has been two years


Off to Lunch


Lunch at Mama's Home with the manager, Frau Uhlig


Welcome Home with Silvia and Joachim


New Chinese Restaurant features Zebra and Kanguru


Yummi Schokolade over Ice Cream


Fans get ready for Andrea Berg


15,000 Attend her 9th Open Air Concert in Ansbach


Germany's Top Hit Singer, Andrea Berg


"Atlantis" is the Theme This Year


Special lunch with our bankers, Herr Sautter and Herr Mugele


Lunch at long-time friend Jinny's Chinese


Lake Monrepos, where we were engaged 12 years ago


Feeding Friedolin pieces of old bread that Maggie saved


Lunch with Alex and Fabia


Are you ready for your 90th Birthday Party?


Brigitte and Charlie


Heidi and Erich


The Family


Frau Bollinger, Frau Härtter and Elsita


The restaurant brought out a special candle that popped open


When the big flame went out, the candles appeared


Moma gets her wish... all the candles went out


The guests are ready for the buffet


Hohenasperg - A German Prison
15 minutes to go up the hill, 15 years to come down


Walls around the Prison


Overlooking Asperg, with Stuttgart 20 km in the distance


Asperg, 3 km from home


This nightly visitor was always ready for a treat


Depart Stuttgart at 6:00 AM for Jerez, Spain - 2 Hours


Departing Stuttgart


Racing our shadow, landing Jerez, Spain


On the Road, Again, to Algeciras, Spain


First Glimpse of The Rock


Our hotel is near the Port


City to the Left, Port to the Right


We'll park on the Spanish side of the Border and walk into Gibraltar


It looks close, but it was a good walk in the heat


Due to Spanish rules, only planes from England can operate here


After the runway is clear, gates open and people can cross


You are Here... how do they know that?


An auditorium in a cave



The Accidental Tourists in Gibraltar


Elsa, Look Out Behind You !!


Guide, Douglas, on the right, knows which monkeys are gentle


I've got a monkey on my back


Some of the Monkeys are friendly, some will bite.
Should I pet this one or not?


Don't pet mothers holding little babies !!


The Mediterranian Sea as seen from the Rock of Gibraltar


The coast of Africa, on the horizon, right


The road crossing the runway with La Linea (The Line), Spain, on the far side


Oceanfront apartments with no extra charge for airport noise


Cable Car to the Top


Cargo operations in Algeciras run all night


Boarding the Ferry to Tangier, Morocco


We rented this boat for 90 minutes


The Harbor Pilot leaves our boat and heads for the next


Our last view of "The Rock" as we head into a fog bank


Arabic reads from right to left... does that help?


52 kilometers (31 miles) to Tangier


Entering the new city of Tangier


Our hotel is in the old city, at the top of the hill


Just wide enough for a Mercedes taxi


Our humble home in Tangier for one night


Our guide for the day attached himself to us as we left the hotel
Standing in the doorway, he is waiting for us to enter


Our first Moroccan meal, Couscous and Shish Kebab


Egg delivery service


Bags, anyone?


Giving Ali my shopping list


Silk Caftan - Do I look the Part?


I'm wearing my Moroccan Disguise


One of many hungry street cats we fed until they passed out


No Oven at home, Taking Dough to the Bakery


Jewelry repaired, While You Wait


Hole in the Wall Leather Shop


Happy Hour after a Tough Day at the Casbah


New port has grown up around the old city


A short walk down the hill for Dinner


People have to Pay. Cats eat for Free.


Waiting for Dinner - Peter in back, right


Can I take him home?


We stuffed this one full of Pastrami and had some left over for hungry cats on the way home


The streets are always busy


Another Lucky Customer at the Bike Repair Shop


Our train from Tangier to Marrakech


Two hours gone and 9 more to go
Far too long, even in First Class


The train was clean and comfortable, but packed full


Moroccan Beef on the Hoof


Local taxi service meets people leaving the train


Off to Rabatt


Nine hours gone and two more to go
No food service on the train during Ramadan in July


We changed trains in Casablanca


Finally, Marrakech at 11:00 PM


Moma cat and her litter


Our City Tour Chariot


Human power is always available


Clay Soup Bowls for 10 Dirham - One Dollar


Donkey doing what donkeys do best... waiting


Chairs and stools for sale for a parade the next day


Rolling gas service for motorcycles


These chickens are fresher than anything Foster Farms can offer


Our carriage driver bids us goodbye


Low-Tech Storks


High-Tech Storks


Lunch at a roof-top terrace


Cats make themselves at home wherever there is food


"No, No, I don't Want It !!"


Food vendors fill the plaza in the evening


Pick what you want and they'll cook it and bring it to your table


Jus d' Oranges, 4 Dirham (40 cents) for a fresh-squeezed glass


Breakfast on our roof-top terrace


The view to the rear of the hotel


Gathering to visit the cemetery


Get your Cemetery Specials here


The suburbs of Marrakech, picking up passengers for a tour


We head into the Berber area in the Atlas mountains 60 km south of Marrakech


Visiting a typical home


Elsa's new Best Friend, a resident of the typical home


Our tour guide and his aunt, the owner of the typical home


On the way to the mountains


There is skiing at 2600 meters at Africa’s highest ski resort


I'll show you the proper way to cross a rope bridge


Stop wiggling and wobbling, would you, please?


Turning the bicycle wheel drives the blower adding air to the coals


Mister Fixit tries his hand at metal-working


The Atlas Mountains. No snow today.


You can cool your heels while you eat at this restaurant


We choose to eat on the patio in the shade


"Hello, It's me and I'm hungry"


Team 2 is ready when Team 1 drops out


Beginning an hour hike to the waterfall


A vendor along the way, drilling stone by hand


Just another ten minutes... you're almost there


"I thought you said only ten minutes more"


"You can make it"


The goal of an hour hike - the waterfall
Elsa stayed back at the stream where we had lunch


Stream water cools drinks in this "Berber Refrigerator"


Water, water, everywhere


Elsa's Dream - A Camel Ride


Ready When You Are


Our camel ride in Dubai was 15 seconds
This one was a more respectable 15 minutes


The maid did her best to make us feel welcome


Elsa greets the maid and the chef in the main room of the hotel


We visited with the Cigarette Salesman, left, and his companions, in front of our hotel every night


Making Picture Frames and Mugs from used Tires


Bread Delivery, Marrakech Style


Walking street leading to Main Square at the far end


Taxi service passing vendors in the main square


Leaving the square, into a shopping area


A fellow offered to show us where animal hides were prepared
"It's only 2 minutes," then after 5 minutes, "It's only 3 minutes"
We arrived after walking 15 minutes.


Pits where animal hides are prepared


Fresh Peppermint for Tea at a leather shop


The walk to the leather shop was so long and the streets so convoluted
we needed two motorcycle riders to bring us back to the Main Square


A Day in the Life, Marrakech


Entry to the Fantasia Dinner Show


If I shoot straight up, will the bullet come straight back down?


Practicing for the "African Idol" show


Dinner is served


Our desert was enough fruit for an army


Arena where horsemen performed


Final March


Ramadan is over so now we can leave for Barcelona, Spain... at 1:00 AM, a 2 hour flight


Departing Barcelona at sunrise, 2 more hours to Frankfurt, Germany


After 11 hours on the road, only 90 minutes more from Frankfurt to Stuttgart via train


Home at last after 7 Days


Herr Dietz started in 1939 and is still going strong


I waited three weeks for my favorite lunch at Metzger Dietz


Charlie and I visited the new Posche Museum in Stuttgart





Maggie's neighbor, Peter, with his electric trains, filling one bedroom



Coffee and Cake...


with Eddie and Heidi Loibl and Sinfonie in the basket


Class Reunion table for years 1946 and 1947
No, I didn't recognize anyone after 50 years.


Elegant Lunch with Brigitte and Charlie at the Kronenstube


Visiting with Connie, Maggie's friend


Maggie's friends, Jürgen and Andrea


Lunch at the SchellenHof


Rose, Tanta Hedi, Elsita and Günter


Fiftieth Farewell


Heading home, departing Stuttgart for Newark, New Jersey


Touchdown at Los Angeles International after 4 weeks in Germany