Elsa's Trip to Germany

May and June 2019

Travels - Day by Day

5 May Elsa Arrives in Germany
6 May Senior Trip to the Spa
7 May Vögele
8 May Heidi's Kitchen
9 May Moma and Frau Butters, Anastasia
10 May Red Light District Tour
11 May Trip to Heidelberg
12 May Mother's Day
13 May Stuttgart Loreal Hair Salon
14 May Mama and Senior Home
15 May Heidi and Mom at the Baeren
16 May Elsa Goes to Paris
17 May Sacre Couer, Musee D'Orsay
18 May Notre Dame, Arc de Triomphe
19 May Eiffel Tower, Seine River Cruise
20 May Louvre Museum, Farewell Dinner
21 May Home, Sweet Home
22 May Lunch at Nordsee
23 May Linde mit Heidi
24 May Brigitte und Charly im Kronenzentrum, Burg Besen mit Evi
25 May Neighbors and More
26 May Elsa and Mama visit Alex, Fabia, Paul and Emily
27 May Clown Visit, Gourmet Temple, the Loibls
28 May Haus Untermberg, Mailman, Tante Hedi, Minigolf Pizza
29 May Schutzenhaus Tamm, Herr Sautter
30 May Linde Kleiningersheim, Vaterstag Friedhof
31 May Lunch Conny and Thomas, Happy Hour with Heidi, Neighbor's New Baby
1 June Jinny in Sersheim, Frau Bollinger, Notz Dinner
2 June Alex and Paul
3 June Strudeln bei Maggie mit Mama
4 June Heidi und Maggie im Holderbüschle Sacksenheim
5 June Schellenhof, Rommellmuhle, Abschied Mama
6 June The Long Journey Home



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