Graeagle, California

The Accidental Tourists
visit Sally and Ned in Northern California



We're on our way to Reno via jetBlue from Long Beach


jetBlue has a major presence at Long Beach Airport


Boarding at Long Beach
The Nose Art says:
Blue Infinity
and Beyond


jetBlue got Elsa's video swapped, left to right. Her neighbor's screen was OK


There's snow in them thar hills.


First Stop near Lake Tahoe
for a beer and a burger


Lake Tahoe drains out here


through these gates which are raised or lowered


to control the water level.


A big sign so you won't miss the little city


Population of 737 doesn't include Sally and Ned


Not too much traffic here


The General Store is celebrating 100 years of service.


Red buildings brought in by train


One-lane Bridge



Plenty of space for a gas station and a used-car lot


The Cabin.
First home in Graeagle, before buying a larger one a mile away.
This will be a short-term rental soon.


Living room in the Cabin


The Kitchen


Guest House behind the cabin


Inside the guest house


Snow remaining on trail to Frazier Falls


Waterfall starts where the stream appears to end


but you need to walk a bit to see it.


Inner-tube rides offered for free


Sally made a delicious lunch


Sucks to be here


Quincy drying off after chasing sticks in the icy water


Back at the Ranch


Our home away from home
Did you notice the air is really fresh?


Hostess Sally and Guest Elsa


A fine breakfast for sure
Coffee, bacon, scrambled eggs and toast


Checking the generator that can power the whole house
It started on the first pull of the starter cable


On the Pickleball Court


Sally in green, with president of the club


Animals Abound


Mooned by a deer in your own front yard


Deer having a bit of lunch


The first bear we saw during the trip


Abandon Hope, All Ye Who Enter Here - The Brewing Lair


You would be blurry, too, if you drank this much beer


Discussing options for World Peace


Here's One for the Road and One for the Ditch


Relaxing at The Brewing Lair


Watching TV after a hard day being a tourist


Elsa's treat for Ned... Eggs Benedict


Quincy and Claire stand at attention any time food is being prepared


Visitors approaching the house every evening


Elsa hoping to tame a deer to take home


The Luciano family's second home of 17,000 sq feet. Their main home is in Reno


They wouldn't let us in...


Abandoned Gold Mining building


If the termites stop holding hands, it's all over


Abandoned Gold Mining equipment


Fill 'er up with oil and check the gas.
And please put some duct-tape on the little crack in the manifold.


The teepee-inspired Nakoma Lodge clubhouse design was conceived in 1923 by the
enduringly brilliant Frank Lloyd Wright and built in the heart of the Lost Sierra in 2001.
Wright’s exquisite design includes the distinctive façade that houses a towering four-sided
fireplace and the soaring ceiling with stained glass windows and decorative friezes of abstract
Indian motifs. Picture windows on three sides of the octagonal room pull in the grandness
of the Sierra from without to become the world within. The Nakoma Clubhouse effectively distills
the essence of a career that stretched from the late 1880’s to Wright’s death at age 91, in 1959.


The Golf Course at Nakoma


Dining room with four-sided fireplace



The atmospher was so pleasant, we decided to make a reservation for dinner


We stopped at this lake for lunch, but it was so windy we had to move


We found shelter among the trees and used a log for a table
Quincy stands guard for bears


Dinner at the Nakoma Lodge


A farewell Banquet for our Hostess and Host
the evening before we flew home


Ned and Sally


Elsa and Sally


The sun sets on a very pleasant visit


Reno, on the way to the airport


Blurry picture of a highway sign


We found another bear in the Reno Airport
The sign says, "Please Don't Touch the Bear"


Departing Reno for Long Beach.


Creeping along the freeway in Long Beach
I guess we're home again...