India and Nepal

Spring, 2015

Elephants and Tigers


Asiana Check-in at LAX


Our Noble Beast... the Airbus A-380
Downstairs for Peons
Upstairs for Royalty


The wingspan is enough to require an escort on the taxiway


Marina del Rey on the departure from LAX to Seoul, Korea
We were not looking forward to 12 hours in the air, but Asiana was nice to us.


On the Horizon, Mount Shasta, Northern California


Our Route - from LAX, over Alaska and Far East Russia, to Seoul, Korea


After 12 hours, landing, Seoul, South Korea


So we could change planes and go another 8 hours


Only 4 hours to go... over Dhaka, Bangladesh


Arriving at midnight, our first early morning view of New Delhi from our room high up in the Holiday Inn


The first thing we did was go to the zoo, figuring we would see a
Bengal Tiger here if we missed one in the wild.
This poor fellow paced endlessly back and forth along the fence


Elsa, attacking a Jaguar in the zoo


He wasn't taking his captivity as badly as the tiger


Next morning, off to see a big palace


Big Palace - no photos allowed inside


After the Big Palace, back to Reality


More Reality


India, from a Tourist Bus


Women must be properly attired before entering a temple


We're off on a tricycle tour


Our tricycle tour


Just like Costco, except smaller


Our poor little cabbie, huffing and puffing up the hill to the finish line


Street Market


Tour Busses can't stop here, click quickly


Tour Busses can't stop at the Presidential Palace, either



There's a meaning behind every twist of the design


Our group of 20





We return to our humble abode
Note the cows wandering along the river


Off to Agra to see the Taj Mahal
The pendant with the driver's picture and lack of curtains is a result of
legislation introduced in New Delhi after an attack on a woman riding a bus
It doesn't apply outside the city


Elsa, cooling her heels


The Taj Mahal is just around the corner


But first, we stopped at the Mini-Mahal, Elsa bought three refrigerator magnets
from a street vendor. When she found she paid twice the going rate, she
tracked down the unsuspecting vendor and demanded half her money back.
She got it !!


The Mini-Mahal


Watching the Mini-Mahal Monkey Circus


Monkeys love eating the Marigolds





This Little Pig went to market, for his dinner


Tomorrow, the Real Taj Mahal


The Trident Hotel, Agra, India


I Owe, I Owe, so off to Work I Go


It's a long way from the Taj Mahal bus park to the Taj Mahal


But a taxi is available...


Elsa and Patty, contemplating which camel to take


One of the gates to the Taj Mahal


Entering the Garden


The Taj Mahal


The Accidental Tourists visit the Taj Mahal


Looking back to the Gate
The reflection pool has been drained for painting


Oh, No, We used the Wrong Color




Elsa visits the Agra Fort


I was there, too


Thank You for Not Scratching on the Monument


Our Group and Our Honorable Gate1 Guide, Lalit


Why, Yes, I remember... it was in the Spring of '87...


The Taj Mahal, in the distance, as seen from the Next Fort


The inside of the Next Fort


Passing a Camel Caravan


Chand Baori



That's a lot of steps for a bucket of green water



Another Camel Caravan


View from the back of the bus




Map of Ranthambhore National Park


Drying Truck Seats after the rain, before Bengal Tiger search


Tiger Hunter dressed for the Day


Entering Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve


Tiger Reserve


Park Ranger


Animals are calm, no tigers are nearby



Tame Bird


The trees are crawling with monkeys
Their alarm calls are the early-warning system for tigers approaching


Mother Bengal Tiger, leaving deer kill in the tall grass, goes to find her cubs


Mother seems unaware of breakfast possibilites of truck full of tourists


Mother meets with three cubs


Mother and three cubs head back to tthe site of the deer kill


Come on Kids, Breakfast is Waiting



This is the reason we went to India


The cubs, almost 2 years old, are nearly ready to go off on their
own, so this view of the family together will be one of the last.


Stop for a drink




With the tigers gone, the most entertainment we can find is offered by a monkey



I saw four Bengal Tigers. We can go home now...


Our hotel near Ranthambore National Park


Sheep Caravan





Elephant Ride


Madam, Your Elephant is Ready


Old Lady and Old Guy on Old Elephant


Elephants return to be Recycled


The Courtyard at the top of the hill


The Accidental Tourists Survive Elephant Ride



Printing Demonstration


Chess set


Jodhpur, The Blue City


Mehrangarth Fort


Jaswant Thada, the Taj Mahal of Marwar



About to enter the Mehrangarh Fort


View of Jaswant Thada from the top of the Mehrangarh Fort


Inside the Mehrangarh Fort


Inside the Mehrangarh Fort


Taxi back to town


Our Partners in Crime


My first selfie, by accident


The start of the Holi Festival, the evening before the throwing of the colors


We went off to dinner by car, but others chose traditional transportation


A surprise birthday cake for me before dinner
with Bharat Lalit, our most honorable guide.


Birthday dinner on the roof garden under a full moon


The Holi Festival (Festival of Colors) got underway in the hotel courtyard
Participants decorated each other with handfuls of dyed corn starch


I think Elsa needs a little more green, right here...


The white garments, provided by the tour guide, didn't stay white for long


Happy Holi, to You


After a trip through the car wash, all the colors washed out.


Our Elegant Trident Hotel


Elsa, watching tigers on TV


Wedding celebration


Elsa's dream for our fish pond, wall-to-wall water-lilies





Washing feet before entering temple


Caution, Wide-Load Ahead


It's OK to use your cell-phone if you're driving an elephant


Cows are sacred and allowed to wander where they choose
They are actually animals that don't give milk anymore, left to fend for themselves


Another fine Trident Hotel


All dressed up and here we go...


Boat ride to small island and back


Off to Bombay


The air here looks just like the air in China



The movie, Slumdog Millionaire" was filmed near here


Approaching Mumbai city center


Industrial Grade Laundry


You can have your clothes smacked against a concrete
wall to remove those "hard-to-get-out" stains


The richest man in India lives here
He has 600 servants, working in three eight-hour shifts, for a family of six.


In Mahatma Gandi's home and library


Here's what rent-control can do for you
Nobody can force the tennants out and nobody can
collect enough rent to maintain the building


Cricket Field, downtown Mumbai


This is the place to be - The Gateway of India



View of Bombay from our room in another Trident Hotel


Walkway across the street from the hotel.


Elsa was invited to join local boys having fun


The Accidental Tourists in Mumbai


Off to Kathmandu, Nepal


Descending in a holding-pattern before the approach to Kathmandu airport
The Himalayan mountains dominate the skyline


Racing our shadow to the airport


A Turkish Airlines A330 ran off the runway, collapsing the nose gear
and closing the airport for four days, just before our arrival
Still on the main ramp, waiting to be towed away from the terminal


Baggage claim was a slow-motion nightmare after the airport reopened


Wiring goes to an offshore call-center...
Now you know why it's so hard to get a straight answer sometimes


The eyes of Budha are upon you






Street vendor, doing a tally



Colors from the Holi Festival


Multiple cremation ceremonies taking place along the river









If you lived here, you'd be home now...
Washing clothes on the sidewalk
Live poultry in the baskets


One-cylinder diesel tractors are everywhere




Heading up to a viewpoint of the Himalayan Mountains


From the mountain lookout


Cup o' Tea, on top of the world (almost). Mount Everest is 100 miles off to the right
not visible from the Club Himalaya Nagarkot Resort where we were


Coming back down from the lookout


Elsa, at the Pharmacy, Kathmandu


Walking back to our hotel, the Radison, at the end of the street.


The Nepalese Flag


Durbar Square, before the earthquake


The earthquake destroyed it completely




View of Kathmandu from the hilltop temple


Would you throw my poor dog a bone?


Cooking the Books


I smell something fishy here


Compare the left side of this scene showing the Hari Shankar Temple to...


this scene, after the earthquake


Catching a few winks before the flight back to New Delhi


Turkish Airline plane, now removed from the terminal area, with the
airline name and logo painted over until repairs can be completed


Taking the scenic route from Kathmandu to New Delhi


We were treated to three hours in a hotel in New Delhi, before returning
to the airport for our flight back to Los Angeles via Seoul, Korea
After another 20 hours of flying, we're only 13 minutes from home


Los Angeles, before the earthquake


Good Performance by Asiana Airlines