New Year's Eve, 2012

Times Square, New York City

Confetti Distribution Engineers at Work

December 28th, 2012 through Jan 1, 2013


Hudson River and George Washington Bridge


Central Park, Manhattan


View from our Humble Abode
The Edison Hotel on 47th Avenue


Wo Hop Chinese Restaurant, Canal Street,
with Elsa's friend, Larry Klusky, from nearby White Plains, NY.


NBC Studios


Rockefeller Plaza Christmas Tree


Skating Rink at Rockefeller Plaza


Ready for some Serious Boot Shopping


No new Boots. Snowing in Herald Square


Freezing in line in front of Carnegie Deli


In the End, it was Worth the Wait in the Rain
Pastrami and Chopped Liver met their Match


Elsa's Newest Friends


Tourists, Times Square, 2012


Times Square Line for Half-Price Theatre Tickets on the Left


Elsa and Larry got tickets for "Nice Work, If You Can Get It"
with Mathew Broderick and Blythe Danner


It's Official !!
We are Certified Confetti Distribution Engineers


The Marriot Bar on the 8th Floor, overlooking Times Square
Our Confetti Drop will be from 2 Floors above this Point


Elsa got up early to see the Rockefeller Center NBC TV Broadcasters
Erica Hill and Willie Geist at 8:00 AM New Years Eve Day.
It was better when watched on TV in the hotel.


Looking into the NBC Studio during the Morning Show


Crowd Gathering by Mid-day
Street Closings started at 3:00 PM


Broadway is Thata Way
No Entrance


The Last Supper of 2012, Lobster Bisque


Treb, the Chief Tycoon, and Adoring Admirers


Checking the Plan


150 Volunteers Waiting for Final Instructions
at 7:00 PM at the Westin Hotel


Everybody got a Poncho to Identify Group Members
as they Moved to Various Buildings


Police Escort down Center of Broadway at 8:00 PM for Poncho Wearers.
Our station is above the Marriott Restuarant windows above the Hankook Tire sign.


Our Group of 14 splits off from the rest
at the Entrance to the Marriott Hotel


Step One... Assemble Cardboard Boxes,
Open Confetti Bags and Fluff the Paper into the Boxes


Step Two... Move the Cardboard Boxes
out to the Dispersal Area over the Street.


Step Three... at 9:30 PM, Relax and
Wander around until 11:30 PM


Helping TV Crew Operate their
Remote Camera on a Boom over the Street


The Boom Camera was able to look Straight Down at the Street


PSY performed his hit song "Gangnam Style" on the Nivea
Countdown Stage as part of 6:00 PM to Midnight Entertainment


Crowd at the Peak


We Invited One Million of our Closest friends


Elsita, Contemplating next item for her Bucket List


Step Four... Back to Work at 11:59:40
Let the Confetti Fly


Handful by Handful,
Over the Edge it Goes


Most went Down, but the Wind
Caught Some and Up it Went.


Step Five... Let the Cleanup Begin


On the Way Home... Manhattan in the Mist


Racing the Sun Homeward, January 1st, 2013