Poland, Romania and Bulgaria, 2006

Week 4
July 16th to July 19th

Another Day, Another Border
I Can't Wait, It Will Be Fun

Central Zagreb
Cathedral of the Assumption of Virgin Mary, Zagreb

Zagreb hasn't changed in the three years since we were last there. The scaffolding is still up on the Cathedral of Zagreb and the cleaning is still in progress. If a church takes a hundred years to build, a few years to clean it is just a wink of an eye.

There is another statue of a guy sitting a horse in the main plaza.

Welcome to Slovenia
Elsa and Yanja

We arrived at the home of Ivan and Janja Suntner, a couple we met three years ago on our first trek through Slovenia, just before noon. Ivan was in Sweden but his wife welcomed us to stay. We had a pleasant lunch together in a restaurant a few blocks from there home. During Elsa's afternoon nap, I went for a short walk along the country roads, ending up with a GPS-checked 9.6 km (almost 6 mile) trek.

Kungota, Slovenia
Near Kungota, Slovenia

Chiemsee, Southern Germany
Prien, Chiemsee

The Chiemsee is a popular tourist destination in southern Germany. Since the August vacation season is almost upon us, we had a tough time finding a room. We ended up with an expensive room looking out over a car-park with 15 diesel buses running their engines to keep the interiors cool for their passengers returning from day-trips on the lake. They departed at dinner-time, leaving us to contend with the "tanz-abend," or "dance evening," at the hotel. It ran until 11:00 PM, but the noise was tolerable.

Construction Zone, Stuttgart Airport
Home at Last

The traffic from Munich to Stuttgart is always heavy and today was no exception. It wasn't due to construction this time, though; one lane was closed so they could mow the grass at the edge of the road.

We arrived home at noon, after three weeks and 6700 km.