On Safari in Africa

Our 18 Day Adventure
Kenya and Tanzania

August and September, 2012


Off to the Airport in Style... No Shuttle This Time


Emirates Air, getting ready for a 15 hour flight to Dubai
Then, after overnight stop, 5 more hours to Nairobi


Arrival in Nairobi, Kenya, after an overnight in Dubai


Our New Home, The InterContinental Hotel, Nairobi


Feeding Time at the Giraffe Farm in Nairobi


Our ten travel companions
Tom, Augustine (Group Leader), Pedro, Elsita, Mark, Frank, Mary, George, Barbara, Heather, Michael, Kathy
Ken was just missed on the right.


In the back yard at the first safari lodge, Lake Naivasha



Giraffe, left, Wife, right


Hippo visit at 3:00AM.
Three were noisily chomping the grass directly below our balcony.
Three more are farther back, visible only by reflections from their eyes.


Three hippos wandering back to the Lake, 3:00 AM.


Riding the wild hippo


48.7 nm South of the Equator
High altitude kept temperatures pleasant


Leaving Lake Naivasha


Stork, Lake Nakuru


It's About a Mile on the Left... You Can't Miss It


Our first sighting of lions


Cape Buffalos Meet to Beat the Heat


Patience, My Ass... I'm Going To Kill Something


Heather and Michael Take Careful Aim at a Zebra


See Those Guys in the Car ?? Moon 'em !


More Birds than Beasts




Don't Argue with a Rhino Bigger Than Your Car


Yea, You! You Talkin' To Me ?


Elsa, wearing her Zebra disguise


My New House. Small, but Location, Location, Location !


On the road back to Nairobi


Climbing out of the Great Rift Valley


"Burudika na Coke Baridi" is Swahili for "enjoy Coke cold."


Roadside business on the way to Amboseli


Roadside market



Bus stop in front of the New Grand Regency Hotel


Driving on the Left Side


Amboseli National Park


Vendors are aggressive


Elephant giving bird a ride.


Amboseli Primary School


Introduction to the Village by the Chief


School is out for Summer Vacation


Short walk to the Village


Good-sized Lions were here last night


Maasai Village, walled with piles of sticks


Villagers approaching to meet us.


Learning a few native dance steps


George, getting high on the contents of that bottle.


Inside the Maasai Village
Houses made with a wooden frame and plastered with elephant dung


Starting a fire with only two pieces of wood


The Boy Scouts could learn a few tricks here


Crafts arranged for purchase


Sentrim Amboseli Lodge


Our fine tented cabin.


With a view of Mt. Kilimanjaro


At 19,341 feet, Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa


Elsa scores the front seat


Heather, Michael, Kathy, Heron (Driver), Elsa, Pedro and, finally, Ken


Each asked for a dollar after this picture was taken
so I am obligated to put it on display.
At the Kenya side of the border crossing into Tanzania


Tanzania or Bust
Kilimanjaro is really in Tanzania, even though it is easily seen from Kenya


The road to Arusha, center of safari activity in Tanzania


Tom Cat, supervising a glass-blowing demonstration


The entire group of twelve intrepid travelers
Peter, Elsa, Mark, Frank, Mary, Kathy, Ken, George, Barbara, Michael, Heather,Tom


Driving away from a Maasai market where photographers were unwelcome


Young boys, after circumcision, in warrior initiation dress


The Baobab Tree
Mature trees are usually hollow, providing living space for animals and humans


Entrance to Tarangire National Pak, 7km


One elephant...


... just leads to another


Zebras, relaxing after a hard day at the office






And more Zebras


Vultures feasting on a carcass...


... left by this sleeping lion


Feasting ourselves on a box lunch


Note the baby clinging to the belly of the first monkey


Baboons carry their young, too


Lake Burunge Tented Camp Reception Area


Dining Area


View to the Lake


Another fine tented cabin


Mosquito netting over the bed was quite common


"Watch Nature from the Comfort of Your Bath"
The brochure writer must think you have a long neck


Not one of the Big Five
Not even one of the Little Five


Two Hippos in search of Mud


Hippo Heaven


Flamingo Heaven


Tloma Mountain Lodge and Coffee Plantation


More mosquito nets


Some of these beans were imported to America


Mountains moved to make bricks


After mixing clay and water by foot, two bricks at a time are molded in the wooden form
After drying a few days, they are piled in stacks and baked by a fire built inside the stack


Wedding dress made from goat skin
Shown in traditional home


Intricate design made with small beads


A bountiful harvest in front of new, more modern home


Now the work begins


Entrance to Ngorongoro Conservation Area


Clouds dropping into the Ngorongoro Crater


The road leading down into the crater


The crater rim is now 2000 feet above us


Warthog in typical kneeling root-eating posture




The plural is Wildebeesties


The wildebeest has been called a "spare parts" animal because it has the head of a buffalo,
the eyes of a grasshopper, the body of an antelope and the tale of a horse


One of many ostriches, mostly seen alone


"Hey, you zebras, get out of my yard"


Hyena, not laughing


Male lion waiting for his Wife to fix lunch


Back up on the crater rim


Oldupai Gorge in the Great Rift Valley is known as "The Cradle of Mankind"
One of the most important prehistoric sites in the world, it was
instrumental in furthering the understanding of early human evolution
This site was occupied by Homo habilis approximately 1.9 million years ago,
Homo erectus 1.2 million years ago and Homo sapiens 17,000 years ago.


Herding goats in the gorge


Bat Eared Fox


Home, Home on the Range


Just like the San Diego Zoo


Elsa wanted to meet "Elsa the Lioness"
an orphaned lion cub from the 1966 movie, "Born Free"


She got her wish. These are her own pictures


Heading for a shady spot for an afternoon nap


Just "lion" around...


Masek Tented Lodge, Ngorongoro


Welcome Home


A fancy bathroom for a tent




Turn left where the bank used to be...
... where they're going to build a gas station..


Elephant's Front Yard, Serengeti Plain


Elephants on Parade




Why did the Cheetah cross the road?


To get to his girlfriend on the other side


Can you spot the leopard in the tree?


Time for an afternoon nap


Leopards are the hardest of the "Big Five" to spot
and create quite a commotion when one appears


The drieway to the Mbalageti Lodge is 10 miles long


Baboons preparing for night in the tree-tops


The Serengeti Plain as seen from the dining room


Breakfast overlooking the Serengeti Plain


Baboon, about to join us for breakfast
He ran along the railing, jumped to the floor by our table
and lunged for the bread basket. Missing that, he grabbed all
of the small packages of sugar and made a quick departure
before Elsa could shake his hand and give him a big hug


Chandelier, made from green-glass bottles


Chef's Surprise


Cape Buffalo


Suspension foot-bridge
The river below is full of crocodiles




Crocodile, sunning his tongue


Sunrise, Serengeti


Twenty elephants marching to breakfast


Waiting at the Seronera Airport, with Sumawe, our driver,
for the one-hour flight to Arusha


Which way to Arusha ?


Nicely equipped Cessna Caravan


The Serengeti plain from the Serengeti plane.


Approach to Arusha International Airport


On the ground, Arusha, having defied Death one more time


Leaving Arusha, heading to the Kenya border


Trinket sellers at the border


Shopping cemter on the way to Nairobi


View of Nairobi from the top of the Intercontinental Hotel

After a walking tour of the government buildings of Nairobi
we had a delicious Farewell Dinner and were dropped off at the airport
at 9:00 PM for the very long journey home


All in all, a very good trip conducted by Overseas Adventure Travel


The Big Five
The list is based on the difficulty to hunt on foot
The goal for a photo-safari is too see each one, which we did
Cape Buffalo, Elephant, Lion
Leopard, Rhino


Part Two - Destination Dubai
Coming Real Soon Now