Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam

Elsa's Badly Needed Vacation

February and March, 2014


We make a loop through Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam


China Airlines, not to be confused with Air China, on the ramp at LAX. Next stop, Taipei, Taiwan, in 14 hours.


After a midnight plane change in Taiwan, only 4 more hours to Bangkok, Thailand


Weary Travelers appear Good as New, after a day's rest


Bustling Bangkok awaits Us


Police, called in to quell the "Rice Riots"
The Government promised rice prices they couldn't deliver


All the white vans are Police Vehicles


Temple Number One


From Star Wars, C-3PO, protocol droid, under patchwork repairs


Roadside Flower Market


Temples Number 2 to 1000. The Imperial Palace



You must be properly dressed to enter, or borrow a sarong
No shorts





Testing the Water Lilies
Yes, They Are Real.
No, You Can't Take Them Home


Everything is Covered with Gold Leaf



The Figures Look Small


But They're Not



European Lower Floors, Oriental Upper Floors



Dinner Cruise Boat Docking


Boarding for the Dinner Cruise


On the River


Waiting for Dinner to Start


Imperial Garden from the River


Landing Siem Riep, Cambodia


We Found Your Lost Baggage...


Our Fine Hotel, Siem Riep


Main Street in Front of Our Fine Hotel, Siem Riep


Shops adjacent to Our Fine Hotel, Siem Riep


Angkor Wat is Many Temples spread over a large area.
The City of Siem Riep is marked at center, left
The Airport is above, left of the city.


Close-up map of main temples


How nice the Ta Prohm Temple is going to look...


How nice it looks now


Jungle growth has devastated the buildings


Ongoing restoration will take many years


Attack of the Killer Tree


You get to stand here for only 10 seconds


Gate of Four Faces



Bayon Temple


Elephant Ride


Wall Carvings




More Reconstruction


How the Original Blocks were Moved into Place


Of the 32 travelers, these were the nicest.


Our New Friends, John and Doug from San Diego


Blondina from California, Traveling in Disguise, Angkor Wat


The Accidental Tourists Visit Angkor Wat


Inside Angkor Wat


Inside Angkor Wat


View from the Library Window


Who are all these tacky people?


Almost Empty Corridor


Cell phone time, Angkor Wat


Inner Courtyard


In the distance, Main Entrance, Angkor Wat


Steep Stairs from Upper Level


Cambodian Country Road


And Off We Go... for a Water Buffalo Ride


Chicks and ducks and geese better scurry
When I take you out in the surrey with the buffalo up front


Cambodian Country Home


Water Buffalo Gas Station


Start of Boat Visit to Floating Village on Lake Tonle Sap


Floating House


Floating Homes


Floating Grocery Store


Floating Kids going to Floating School


School is Out


Off to Saigon


Center of Saigon from our Hotel


Motorcycles Outnumber Cars


This Will Kill You
And it Will Hurt a Lot
The Whole Time You Are Dying


Opera House


Wedding Album Pictures


Curiously, the Cu Chi Tunnel Entrance
Is large and well lighted
The Tunnels are very small and dark


Rex, describing Life in the Tunnels where 18,000 people lived during the day
on three levels, 10, 20 and 30 feet below the surface
All day, every day, for years


A disguised Entrance to a Tunnel


Our Esteemed Tunnel Evaluator decides the enlarged Vistor's Tunnel is too Small


The Real Tunnels were much Smaller


On the road to Saigon


In Saigon


Preparing for Sunday Morning Motorcycle Ride through the streets of Saigon


On the Road, Again with tour leader Le Quoc Voung, known as Rex


"You Got a Helmet?" Peter Fonda, Easy Rider, 1969


Off to Da Nang


So Long, Saigon


In the Distance, China Beach


My Khe beach was nicknamed "China Beach" by
American and Australian soldiers during the Vietnam War


Hoi An Temple
Red Coils are burning incense


Prayer Time


Posing for Wedding Pictures


Hoi An


Famous for Lanterns



Dinner served along the river


Fresh Shrimp


Dinner with Happy Budha, "The Judge"


Hoi An


Boarding for boat ride


Makes One think of Lido Island


Well, Maybe Not


Fishing nets are lowered into the water, then raised with trapped fish


Waiting for a Free Lunch


Why use a table when the floor is so convenient?


Grocery Market


Hoi An


Hoi An


Boat Building, Hoi An


Cutting Timbers, Boat Yard, Hoi An


Good Supply of Wooden Boat Fasteners


This Explains Everything


Lunch from the Surrounding Garden


What we ate came from here


Basket Boats are for Fishing


Setting Sun


Dinner in Hoi An


Lanterns For Sale


Experienced Sales Lady, Trinket Division


Trinkets Made, While You Wait


Launching Floating Candle in the River in memory of Father


I Owe, I Owe, So Off to Work I Go
Box marked "M90 M92" is a gas station pump for motorcycles


Looking toward the City, from the Hotel


Looking toward the Beach, from the Hotel


On the Road to Hue, Elsa practices being Buddha


Trunks pointing Up is Good Luck
Also seen on Elsa's pants


Basket Boats, Passing China Beach


Terrain Changes as we Drive North of Da Nang



Our Hotel in Hue


Street Scene, Hue


Entrance to the Citadel


In the Imperial City


In the Imperial City


Our Pedi-Cabs Await




Pedi-Cab Ride to Dinner


Our Dinner Guests


Another Dinner Guest




Incense bringing Good Luck to a Bus


Dragon Boat Ride


We visit a Vietnamese family at a stop along the way.


Hondas repaired, while you wait


Did you want one hair cut or all of them?


Lunch is Over


Dog in background, keeping safe distance from stew pot


A nice neighborhood


Making little masks to cover your nose and mouth, across the street


Village Meat and Fish


Dragon Boat Ride, continued


Dragon Boat parking places are limited



Inside the Citadel in Hue
This Russian Mig-21 was used to shoot down American Imperialists


Captured American Cessna A-37 "Dragonfly" Light Attack Aircraft


These little pigs are going to market


Rice field, on the way to the airport


Approaching Hanoi


Always foggy, rice fieds, enroute Ha Long Bay


From our hotel, Ha Long Bay


Queueing for boats, Ha Long Bay


Boat owners live onbord


Vendors board our boat


Selling fruit


Foggy Ha Long


The Accidental Tourists, enjoying Ha Long Bay
We were lucky. Trips the day before and the day after were cancelled due to fog


It was nicer inside





Miss Sai Gon Ha Long


What it's supposed to look like


What it did look like


Cave Tour



Penguin Trash Can inside Cave


Vietnamese Starbucks, across the street from our hotel, Hanoi


Apartments above Starbucks with outdoor closets


Street scene, Hanoi


Main road frontage is the most valuable property
Nobody wants beachfront or mountain top land


Along Embassy Row, Hanoi


Presidential Palace, Hanoi


Tomb of Ho Chi Minh


Posing for Wedding Pictures


Chaos, viewed from the City View Restaurant


More chaos from above


The Best-selling Coffee in Vietnam


Water Puppet Theater


Puppets are moved by rods under the water


One-cylinder diesel farm tractor


A very popular item...


Today a Rice Paddy, Tomorrow a Condo Project


Finally, someone shorter than Elsa, only 78 years old


Many homes are open on one side


One-person Noodle Factory, Fancy Footwork Required


A survivng section of the original "Hanoi Hilton"


Corner of the original "Hanoi Hilton"


Bikes easily outnumber cars in Hanoi


Four feet is plenty of width for a store


China Airlines to Los Angeles


China Airlines is based in Taiwan


Over Los Angeles International Airport


You're Welcome