What We Did on Our Summer Vacation

The Adventures of Peter and Elsa

Peter and Elsa left Newport Beach in August, 2010, heading North.
The links below will take you to pictures taken during their travels.

Sacramento, CA Visiting Ingrid and Jerry
Sweet Home, Oregon Granny's Final Resting Place
Yamhill, Oregon Home of Southern Cross Aviation
Seattle, WA Home of Brothers Rick and Dave
Whistler, BC Home of Two Bears
Clearwater, BC Canoeing Merit Badge Revisited
Jasper, British Columbia Canadian National Park
Lake Louise Jewel of the Canadian Rockies
Banff, Alberta Canadian National Park
Fort MacLeod, Alberta Brokeback Mountain Filmed Here
Jordan, Montana Home of... Well, Not Much
Bismarck, ND Derek and Bonnie Live Here
Devil's Tower, WY Devil's Tower
Mount Rushmore, SD Having a Hard Head is Helpful
Badlands, SD They Are Really Bad
Garden City, KS Elsa's First Home in America
Santa Fe, NM End of the Santa Fe Trail
Sedona, AZ Home of Rusty Rocks
Scottsdale, AZ Former Home of Princess Elsa
Newport Beach, CA Home at Last

The End