Journey to the End of the Earth

The Adventures of Peter and Elsa

Peter and Elsa left Newport Beach on April 19th, 2004, heading South.
The links below will take you to stories of their travels on a weekly basis.

Part One
Mexico and Central America

USA Mexico  Gringo Trail MapThe Big Picture
Week One Newport Beach to Cabo San Lucas
Week Two Cabo to Puerto Vallarta
Week Three Puerto Vallarta to Acapulco

Guatemala Belize  Guatemala & Belize Map Red=Car, Blue=Boat, Green=Aircraft
Week Four Acapulco to Quezaltenango
Week Five Quezaltenango to Tikal

El Salvador El Salvador Map Red=Car Travel
Week Six Tikal, Belize, El Salvador

Honduras Honduras Map Red=Car Travel, Blue=Boat
Nicaragua Nicaragua Map Red=Car Travel, Blue=Boat
Week Seven El Salvador to Honduras

Costa Rica Costa Rica Map Red=Car Travel
Week Eight Costa Rica At Last
Week Nine Costa Rica, Continued

Panama Panama Map Red=Car Travel, Green=Air
Week 10 Viva Panamá
Week 11 Panamá, Continued
Week 12 More Panamá
Week 13 More Panamá, Continued

Part One
The End

  Part Two
South America

Ecuador Ecuador Map Red=Car Travel, Green=Air, Blue=Boat or Bus
Week 14 Ecuador, Quito
Week 15 Ecuador, Galapagos
Week 16 Ecuador, Guayaquil
Week 17 Ecuador, Avenue of the Volcanos

Peru Peru  Peru and Boliva Maps Red=Car, Green=Air/Bus, Blue=Train/Boat
Week 18 Peru, Chiclayo
Week 19 Peru, Iquitos and Nasca
Week 20 Macchu Picchu
Week 21 Lago Titicaca and LaPaz, Bolivia

Chile Argentina  Chile and Argentina Maps Red=Car Travel, Green=Air, Blue=Boat
Week 22 Arequipa, Peru, to Northern Chile
Week 23 Atacama Desert to Mendoza, Argentina
Week 24 Santiago, Chile to Villarica
Week 25 Puerto Montt, Chile and Chiloe Island
Week 26 Bariloche, Argentina
Week 27 San Rafael Glacier, Chile
Week 28 Tierra del Fuego, Ushuaia

Part Two
The End

Part Three
The Long Journey Home

Argentina  Argentina Map Red=Car Travel, Green=Air, Blue=Boat
Week 29 Torres Del Paine and Perito Moreno Glacier
Week 30 El Calafate to Mar del Plata

Uruguay  Uruguay Map Red=Car Travel, Blue=Boat
Week 31 Punta del Este and Montevideo, Uruguay
Weeks 32 and 33 Buenos Aires
Week 34 Buenos Aires, Continued

Brazil Paraguay  Brazil and Paraguay Map Red=Car Travel, Green=Air
Week 35 Iguazu Falls and Paraguay
Week 36 Christmas in Rio de Janeiro
Week 37 New Years in Rio de Janeiro
Week 38 Wandering in Rio de Janeiro

Colombia Venezuela  Colombia and Venezuela Map Green=Air Travel, Blue=Bus
Week 39 Bogota, Colombia
Week 40 Cartegena and Medellin
Week 41 Caracas, Venezuela
Week 42 Back to Rio - Carnaval Countdown
Week 43 Bye Bye, Brasil - Flight to Germany

Germany Last Stop - Germany
Week 44 Family and Friends at Home

Part Three
The End




Overall Map