The Accidental Tourists

Adventures of Peter and Elsa

We Go Where the Wind Blows

2002 Drive through Europe
2003 Drive through Europe
2004 and 2005 Central and South America by Jeep
2005 Europe by Jeep
2005 North America by Jeep
2006 Island Hopping by Cessna
2006 Poland, Romania and Bulgaria
2007 Moscow to St. Petersburg
2008 Thanksgiving Wine Train
2009 Turkiye
2009 Aiken, South Carolina
2010 Elsa's Trip to Germany
2010 Summer Vacation Drive to Canada
2011 Germany, Scandinavia, and the Baltic States
2012 Elsa's Trip to Tahoe
2012 Elsa's Trip to Germany
2012 Safari in Kenya and Tanzania
2012 Fry in Dubai
2012 New Year's Eve -Times Square
2013 China
2014 Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam
2014 Germany, Gibraltar and Morocco
2015 India and Nepal
2016 Mardi Gras in New Orleans
2016 New Zealand and Western Australia
2016 Elsa's Trip to New York City
2017 Japan
2018 Graeagle, California
2018 Eastern Canada and the Maritimes


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